Objectives & Functions

At our agency every units and department is saddled with various objectives which perform a number of functions to ensure smooth running of the agency as we serve the public. 

Adapting Law and Law Enforcement

Technology is fast advancing and Counsel at Mediation Centre have taken advantage of the digital world. At Mediation Centre, the staffs of the Centre are encouraged from time to develop themselves and keep abreast of technological advances

Promoting Equity and Efficiency

Access to justice is a basic principle of law, in the absence of this, people are unable to have their voices heard, exercise their rights or challenge discrimination. One of the major obstacles in accessing justice is the high cost of legal representation. At the Mediation Centre, our services are free to indigent citizens. Parties are allowed to state their matters with utmost level of confidentially, we ensure there is fair hearing, transparency, effective and non-discriminatory service to all. Aside the headquarters, four additional Zonal Mediation Centres were established in Oyo, Ogbomosho, Igboora and Saki to aid accessibility to Justice

Control Expenditure

The Mediation Centre aims at creating a peaceful society within Oyo State and has entertained a number of cases bothering on community violence and misunderstandings amongst group of people. Traditional/Local knowledge is used in conjunction with professional expertise to deal with issue bordering on community clashes and disputes.

Protecting People's Rights

Although the Centre’s overall goal is to end conflict, human rights issues raised and/or observed are included in the mediation process and dealt with using legal and ethical principles that promotes peace, stops future human rights infringement while justice is still being upheld. The root cause of the dispute is addressed and abuse of human right is also prevented. Appropriate institutions or governmental agencies are usually involved in certain cases. For example, when women’s right is in issue, FIDA, Ministry of Women Affairs and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Response Team (SGBVRT) can be involved in the mediation process

Adjudicating Civil Disputes

The Centre entertains civil dispute generally. In some situation however, element of crime may be established. For instance, in the cases of child custody and matrimonial matters, child battery and domestic violence which are elements of crime may be present. In such cases, if the culprit seems remorseful, he or she is charged not to continue in such acts as a means of achieving restorative justice but where the culprit is recalcitrant, we work in collaboration with the appropriate institution or agency to ensure that the matter is appropriately dealt with.