Operations and Administration

Here’s an overview of the internal workings of the agency and the roles of various departments

Capability/Whole Agency Review/Audit

LEADERSHIP: The Centre is headed by a Director who reports to the Honourable Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice through the Solicitor General and Permanent Secretary.
STRATEGY AND DELIVERY CAPACITY: The Centre entertains between 25 and 30 complaints every week and about eighty percent (80%) of the complaints lodged at the Mediation Centre were resolved within a short period of time. The Center adopts the use of mediation skills coupled with legal expertise and native intelligent. In addition, experts’ opinions are sought and utilized in necessary cases.

Internal Management

The counsel in the Centre have gone through trainings in mediation and alternative dispute resolution generally and are skilled in the art of mediation. However, the centre do not have enough staff majorly state counsel and administrative staff.

In order to improve the standard of the Centre to make it the foremost Mediation in the country, the following are proposed for improvement:
there is need for the employment of more Counsel and qualified mediators.
The staff both professional and administrative should also be sponsored to undertake trainings from time to time so as to keep abreast of developments in the field nationally and across the globe.

The ministry should also introduce forums where counsel as well as other staff can share knowledge on both legal and non-legal matters: this can be done at the level of the units or the ministry as a whole.

External Management

The Centre works in conjunction with other governmental agencies and ministries especially when cases which involve the agencies or ministries are brought to the Centre. The Centre also renders legal opinion and advice in appropriate cases. We work in tandem with these agencies and ministries to ensure that the rule of law is upheld, justice is achieved and rights are protected. In all, the interest of the Oyo State government is put at heart at all times.

Human Resources

The present staff strength of the Centre is as follows:
The Director (Counsel)
One Assistant Director (Counsel)
One Executive Officer (Administrative staff)
Two (2) Chief Clerical Officer (Administrative staff)
One Senior Clerical Officer (Administrative staff)